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Ambassador is entirely made in England. This Super 180’s cloth is surprisingly light, thanks to carefully selected extra-fine 14.7-micron wool, and the spinning process, which produces one of the finest yarns in the world.⁣..

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Available at Creaters Villa Amritsar | Jalandhar


Positions themselves in the TOP benchmarks in the fabrics market. Thanks to the highest quality primary cleaning and finishing, Zegna fabrics are distinguished by their softness and silkiness to the touch and with good density!  Comfort, convenience, and practicality - all these qualities combine ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA models!

Marzoni Available at Creaters Villa Amritsar | Jalandhar


Marzoni is one of the finest fabric suppliers in the industry, as all of our precious fabrics are produced exclusively in Italy and feature a wide range of colors and designs. Thanks to our experience working with tailors from around the world, Marzoni is able to create something superb to delight both tailors and their customers across the globe.

Reda Available at Creaters Villa Amritsar | Jalandhar


Looking after and protecting the environment is at the core of Reda’s philosophy, a company that produces the highest quality fabrics thanks to a thorough selection of raw materials.


On World Earth Day we celebrate our special relationship with our planet. We operate in a small village nestled in a green valley and our ongoing commitment to the environment and the community ensures our own survival. Since 1663 sustainability has always been part of our DNA! ⁠

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